Products & Services we sell and install:

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  1. Toilet Partitions: Providing privacy in public restrooms, commonly made from Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, Solid Plastic, Phenolic, and Composite Materials
    1. Bobrick Washroom Equipment
    2. Hadrian Inc.
    3. Accurate Partitions
    4. Accu Tec Manufacturing
    5. Alan Lewis Incorporated
    6. Bradley
    7. Columbia Partitions
    8. General Partitions
    9. Laminating Technologies
    10. Metpar
    11. Scranton products
  2. Toilet Accessories: Everything you need for a functioning restroom: Grab Bars, Toilet Paper Dispensers, Paper towel Dispensers, Seat Cover Dispensers, Mirrors, Waste Cans, Hand Dryers, Etc.
    1. Bobrick Washroom Equipment
    2. American Specialties Inc.
    3. AJW
    4. Bradley
    5. Gamco
    6. Seachrome
  3. Fire Protection Specialties: Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets
    1. JL Industries
    2. Larsen’s Manufacturing Company
    3. Potter Roemer
  4. Lockers: Secure Storage for Schools, Hospitals, Athletic Clubs, Etc. Commonly made from Powder Coated Steel, Plastic Laminate, Solid Plastic, and Phenolic Materials.
    1. ASI Storage Solutions
    2. Hadrian Inc.
    3. Hallowell
    4. Ideal Products Inc.
    5. Penco Products
    6. Scranton products
  5. Wall Protection: Corner Guards, Wall Covering, Chair & Crash Rails
    1. Acrovyn
    2. Inpro
    3. Koroseal
  6. Visual Display Boards: Marker Boards, Tack Boards, Display Cases
    1. Claridge Products
    2. Clarus Glassboards