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Ordering Replacement Hardware

Restroom hardware breaks...  A lot...  Whether from vandalism, failure over time, or the wrong part being installed the last time it was "fixed".

Finding the correct part can be a real pain...  We can help!

Normally, if you're lucky, there will be a name of the manufacturer listed somewhere, see the below pictures for examples of where to look.  This will make the process easier.

Now if you happen to have one of the many un-marked versions, another possibility is the closeout documents given to the owner after initial construction or remodel was completed.  These name the manufacturer of all products installed, especially within the warranty documents.  Many times these are, for one reason or another, no longer available.  If that is the case, we have another option. 

Simply take a picture of the broken piece of hardware, along with where it goes, and other parts and pieces in the room.  These extra pieces will help to identify the manufacturer, and the broken piece will show us what you need.  We may require additional info to be sure, but this will get the ball rolling on finding you the right hardware the first time.

Send your hardware pictures to JR (Rich Meeker Jr) @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with the subject line Hardware needed.  Make sure and include your phone number if possible for easy quick contact, or we can always respond via e-mail.