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Plastic Laminate (P-Lam)

General Information:

Plastic laminate partitions offer the largest standard and custom color selection of all material types.  Most Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite, Trespa, and Nevamar, colors are available as well others.  Plastic laminate is generally constructed using industrial grade particle board core with high pressure plastic laminate surfaces and edges.  All the technical information below is referring to Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.'s plastic laminate, though the general construction varies only slightly between manufacturers.  Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. also manufactures another style of plastic laminate (1040 / 1030 series) viewable by downloading the pdf catalogues here.

Recommended Applications:

Due to the extremely large number of available colors, plastic laminate is a designer's dream!  The material itself stands up well to vandalism, and does not rust.  It is still not recommended for high moisture areas, as the particle board core would swell and rot over time.  Office buildings are great areas for this material, although it looks great everywhere it goes.

Strong Points:

  • Industrial-grade particle board core
  • High pressure plastic laminate edges and surfaces
  • Scratch, dent, and impact resistant
  • Class B ASTM E84 interior wall and ceiling finish classification
  • Quick to install
  • 1 year limited warranty

Hardware Options: (Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.'s shown)

1- Standard through-bolted zamak hardware - Chrome plated


2- Optional through-bolted stainless steel hardware

Both options use the same floor anchoring hardware, differing only between configuration types.

FMOB anchoring style:

FB anchoring style:

Available Configurations:

Color Choices:

Please see our color selection guide before ordering color from online samples!

Due to the vast amount of available standard color choices, optional choices, and available manufacturers for this material type, we have not included all the colors here.  We have included below the standard 10-Day lead-time* color choices from Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.  There are other available manufacturers' for this material type as well.  Clicking on their logo will bring you to their individual information and color choices standard.  Also the actual plastic laminate manufacturers (not the partition material, but the key component in making this material) are listed below them for more choice options.  Not all colors are still made, come in large enough sheets, or the right thickness of sheets.  If you see one you like that is not included on a particular manufacturer's selectable choices, contact us for confirmation of availability.


* Ten day lead-time with corect number of stalls, and from order date after approval of all details.