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Baked Enamel (BE)

General Information:

Baked Enamel has been the budget conscious choice for years.  It is the most commonly seen material type still today.  The technical details of this product vary between manufacturers, but they all share the honeycomb cardboard core with steel sheets and edges welded to enclose it.  Installation is one of the easiest and least time consuming.

Recommended Applications:

This material is not recommended for high vandalism prone areas, or near high moisture levels as it will rust over time.  It works beautifully for other areas of usage.

Hardware Options:

Since this material type is available from multiple manufacturer's, the exact hardware used differs slightly.  Our two choice manufacturers have a web site linked below to check out the exact differences.  Feel free to click on their site links below, they will be opened in a new browser window to make coming back to our site easier.  Once on their website, you can browse through the information on their particular product and utilize the vast amount of specifications and details on each site.

The basic Hardware choices for all are:

  • Standard chrome plated zamak (pop-metal)
  • Stainless steel brushed finish
  • Heavy duty stainless steel continuous height
  • Pained to match full height brackets (available through limited manufacturers, still available in other instances call for details)

Available Configurations:

Color Choices:

Please see our color selection guide before ordering color from online samples!

Each Manufacturer has different standard color choices.  Custom colors are available for additional costs and extended lead-times.


  • Hadrian's standard colors: BE
  • Accurate Partitions Corp.'s standard colors: BE