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Restroom Accessories

Other common names for these products include:

  • Individual item names: For example, toilet paper dispenser, seat cover dispenser, paper towel dispenser, etc.
  • Washroom Accessories
  • Janitorial Accessories
  • Safety Products
  • Sanitary Products
  • Hospitality Products
  • Bath / Shower Room Products

General Information:

Restroom accessories, including for the purpose of this topic some items not present in the restroom(s) itself, are basically the same in almost every restroom you use.  Small differences are noticeable from public to private restrooms as well as commercial to residential.  Most all use the same basic type of units; toilet paper dispensers, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, mirrors, etc. 

Standard commercial accessories are heavy-duty stainless steel, providing better resistance to damage whether accidental or vanalism caused.  Different mounting configurations are used in different instances. 

Mounting Options:

  • Surface mounted
  • Semi-recessed
  • Recessed
  • Through counter-top

For the most part, these standard accessories are found in all commercial restrooms: (the pictures shown are basic classic series accessories by Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.  Many other items are available from Bobrick, as well as other manufacturers)


Click Here to download the Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. full accessory catalog: Download

ADA grab bars


Bobrick model B-6806 series grab bar: Specification detail

Normally need 1 @ 36" and 1 @ 48" for each ADA accessible toilet

Toilet paper dispenser


Bobrick model B-2888:  Specification detail

Normally need 1 per toilet

Seat-cover dispenser


Bobrick model B-221: Specification detail

Normally need 1 per toilet

Feminine product disposal (Women's room only)


Bobrick model B-270: Specification detail

Normally need 1 per toilet

Paper towel dispenser


Bobrick model B-262: Specification detail

Normally need 1 per sink

Soap dispenser


Bobrick model B-2111: Specification Detail

Bobrick model B-2112: Specification Detail

Normally need 1 per sink



Bobrick model B-165 series: Specification detail

Normally need 1 per sink: Standard industry sizes 18"w x 36"h <or> 24"w x 36"h (depending on sink size/type)

Waste receptacle


Bobrick model B-279: Specification detail

Normally need 1 per room, or 1 per paper towel dispenser

Door and wall ADA title 24 signage

Showing standard Title 24 ADA signage for restroom doors.  Many other similar signs available, for example exit and exit route signage.  All California legal.

Normally need one per restroom entrance.