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Restroom Partitions

Other common names for this product include:

  • Restroom / Shower / Dressing Stalls
  • Restroom / Shower / Dressing Compartments
  • Restroom / Shower / Dressing Walls
  • Restroom / Shower / Dressing Cubicles

General Information:

Restroom / Shower / Dressing stalls all have the same general purpose.  They provide privacy for an individual while He / She is using the enclosed facilities.  Most products offered still have "gaps" between pieces of the configured stall that are considered "normal" and necessary for the correct operation of the material.  Some manufacturers offer an upgrade to their hardware or material design to help eliminate the amount and size of gaps in their finished products. 

There are a few differing configurations for mounting, as well as material types available, listed below. 

In addition, below that is a section dedicated to help with measuring, ordering, and/or installing partitions.


Material Types:

Our guide to correctly measuring and sending partition layouts to us for quoting and ordering