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Partitions: Measuring Help

Confusion causes partitions to be ordered incorrectly, avoidable problems to arise, and overall un-satisfied customers.  For this reason, we've done the below guide for per-measurements and common issues that arise pre and during install due to measurement.

Here is a top-view common layout.  Just draw your layout like this, and note the measurements we need to ensure perfect ordering.

As you can see, the drawing does not need to be a work of art.  We just need to see the layout, measurements, and possible obstructions like floor drains or light switches. 

The "clouded" areas are the measurements we need to ensure your material will fit correctly for you, and be as ADA acceptable as possible.

Here are a few "Constant issues" that can arise:

  • Floor Drains in the way:  Note on the drawing above we request 2 measurements of the floor drains to ensure they are not in the way of material mounting.
  • What is inside the walls:  We always recommend backing to be installed correctly as shown on our submittal documents.  When it is not, however, the most constant issue is what IS in the wall there.  Usually it is a great idea to, before finishing wall covering, note the locations of water, drain, or electrical piping in the wall.  Hit water pipes cost a lot more than a 10 minute drawing to avoid them.
  • Plumbing centerlines:  The clouded sections next to the toilets are where we are requesting the centerline measurements of plumbing fixtures.  We do this for a few reasons, and it is imperative to the design and functioning of the partitions.
  • We need the exact finished dimensions:  Yes even a 1/2" variances can make a negative result appear.
  • Continuous brackets:  Do not order continuous brackets for a tile wall that the tile stops at 48" high.  This leaves a gap the thickness of your tile and grout to either be filled in or shimmed.